Congratulations!!! You’re pregnant, and have hundreds of questions, or if you’re anything like me you didn’t know enough about anything to even have any questions…. No matter which category you fall into here are a few things to know about your teeth and going to the dentist while pregnant.

Should I go to the Dentist?

YES!! This one is easy, even your OBGYN will tell you to keep up with your regular dental check-ups. While pregnant your hormones are kind of in control and they can have a significant impact on your oral health/balance. They can affect how your gums respond to plaque (appearing a little puffy, and/or possibly bleeding more than normal for you), and also induce vomiting associated with morning sickness which exposes your teeth to more acid and in return can make them more susceptible to decay.

X-Ray Safety?

If you are due for your regular set of x-rays and have no concerns in regards to your teeth your dentist may defer to you if you would like them taken or not. Dental x-rays are so much safer and less invasive nowadays than ever before. If you are having a procedure done, or have concerns about a specific area a dental x-ray is usually recommended. Your dentist will take all necessary precautions to protect you and baby by placing a lead apron over your abdomen and thyroid. As always, communicate any questions/concerns with your dentist. 

Do I have to lay back all the way?

Absolutely not!! Your dentist can perform most if not all procedures from a slightly upright position. Let the staff and dentist know what is comfortable for you and they will do everything they can to get you through your appointment as comfortably as possible, this can include breaks, just don’t hesitate to ask!

Risks with work to be performed?

According to the American Dental Association regular and emergency dental care, including the use of x-rays, and local anesthetics is safe during every stage of pregnancy. Research has shown that pregnant women should not participate in the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for dental procedures.