Partial dentures are a type of removable dental prosthetic that is used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are designed to fit snugly among the remaining natural teeth and gums, and they are usually held in place by clasps or other attachments that fit around the surrounding teeth.

Partial dentures are typically made of a metal or acrylic framework that holds the artificial teeth in place. The framework can be designed to blend in with the color of the natural teeth, making them less visible. The replacement teeth are usually made of acrylic or porcelain, and are designed to match the shape and color of the natural teeth as closely as possible.

Partial dentures can help to improve the appearance of the smile, restore the ability to chew, speak and bite properly, and prevent the remaining natural teeth from shifting into the space left by the missing teeth. They can also help to preserve the shape of the face and jaw.

Partial dentures are custom-made to fit the individual’s mouth and are designed to be comfortable to wear. They are typically made of acrylic or a combination of acrylic and metal. It’s important to consult with a dentist to determine if partial dentures are the right option for you, and to discuss which type of partial denture would be the best fit.